Best Desi Cow Ghee Brands In India 2021 (Fully Organic & Pure): बेस्ट देसी गाय घी ब्रांड्स इन इंडिया.

Pure Desi Ghee is very rare and a common cooking addon item in India that uses many Indian dishes. In the past, people used cow ghee only for particular occasion purposes. But now, people use the desi cow ghee in many recipes to maintain the taste and smell of the dish. That’s why people search for the best Desi Cow Ghee Brands of 2021 in the market that contain the best organic quality.

Are you searching for the same best brands for desi cow ghee in India? That fine. But you know it is very tough to find the बेस्ट देसी गाय घी ब्रांड्स. But you may have a question in your mind that which desi cow brand is best in India. More than 95% of the market available ghee is not sugar-free and added chemicals on it. Yes, it is true.

That’s why we suggest you be aware of those fake ghee brands. लेकिन चिंता न करें, यहाँ हम आपके लिए देसी गाय के घी के ब्रांड के बारे में एक आसान उपाय लेकर आए हैं।

Here we listed some of the Best Desi Cow Ghee Brands in the Indian market with excellent reviews and different online platforms for helping purposes. These things will help you to choose the best quality raw desi ghee for your regular home uses.

Top 5 Best Desi Cow Ghee Brands In India 2021- भारत में शीर्ष ५ सर्वश्रेष्ठ देसी गाय घी ब्रांड:

8) Aashirvaad Svasti Ghee:

aashirvaad svasti cow ghee

AASHIRVAAD Svasti Ghee 2021 is one of the purest ghee(According to Customer review) available on Amazon. This is a type of ghee that not only complements your recipes but also adds some unpredictable taste that may shock you. This ghee is available on Amazon for the last 2 years.

This AASHIRVAAD Svasti pure Ghee is made with a unique process called ‘SloCook.’ In this process, the Aashirvaad Ghee 500gm/1kg is prepared by slow cooking of Indian grass-fed desi cow milk on a gradual temperature increase process. This process might take three and a half hours duration. But this process is an ancient process that many ghee companies follow.

This ghee is a 100% pure veg product; that's why you can use this ghee in any puja and sweat-able for the older person(Note: Some Sugar Added).

If you like your food delicious, you can buy this AASHIRVAAD Svasti pure desi Ghee from amazon.

7) A2 Cow Ghee – 100% Pure & Healthy:

A2 pure cow ghee

A2 Cow Ghee is another premium ghee that available on the market. The milk of the A2 Ghee brand comes from Sahiwal Cows by using the micro-culture technique(Which is one of the best processes to collect healthy milk for any ghee company). These Sahiwal cows are also natural grass-feed and grown with special human care.

After taking milk from the Sahiwal cows, they churned the A2 milk for 2 to 3 hours to separate the pure butter before the boiling process.

Initially, this A2 Cow Ghee brand was available in a few states in India. But right now, Amazon India imports the A2 ghee. That’s why the whole of India can buy their desi ghee easily.

But, till now, people are thinking, is this ghee the best-branded ghee in the market. It is because ghee is a good source of energy and an immunity booster. If you want to know the real answer for its branded name query, you can check the Amazon site’s feedback and customer reviews. Also, this is my favourite ghee.

That’s why everyone can purchase this A2 product from every single place in India.

6) Talegaon Farms Ghee 2021:

talegaon farms pure desi ghee

The Talegaon pure ghee is made from free-ranging cows of milk. This Talegaon Ghee comes with some extra product features that no other ghee has, like sugar-free(Company Claim), natural, gluten-free, homemade, no additional chemical added, etc.

This Indian Desi Cow Ghee is only made for maintaining the purity, healthiness, and taste of most Indian dishes. In many south Indian places, this Talegaon Cow ghee treats as a no 1 desi ghee brand in India 2021.

The production company of this Talegaon ghee claims that it is one of the best 2021 ghee brands in India. They also claim that they make their ghee using the best quality milk that comes from desi cow.

If you want to taste their ghee once, we are sure you will never forget to buy it for next time. Some of our customers already using this देसी गाय घी and give us good feedback regarding this.

5) Ved Pure A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee 2021 From Grass-Fed Cow- वेद शुद्ध ए 2 देसी गिर गाय घी:

Ved a2 Gir Cow Ghee

Ved A2 Cow Ghee is full of essential fatty acids, nutrients, anti-bacterial, antioxidant,  anti-fungal, and antiviral properties.

This Ved A2 Ghee is 100% vegetarian and does not contain artificial flavours, additives, or chemical preservatives. Tough the popularity of this Ved A2 desi ghee is not so much like other ghee, but trust me, it is one of the best organic cow ghee brands.

If you want a good nutrition healthy A2 ghee for your home, I suggest you try this ghee once.

4) OrganicBite Desi A2 Gir Cow Ghee – ऑर्गेनिकबाइट देसी A2 गिर गाय का घी:

organicbite A2 Desi Indian Ghee

We may all popular with the A2 Gir Cow Ghee. But do you know, OrganicBite brand is also a good quality A2 Indian desi ghee which already purchased by many customers.

It is fully handmade nutritious, healthy ghee and it is a 100% veg product fully enriched with Vitamin A, E, D, & K.

This ghee brand is new in the Indian market. But it gains its popularity due to its purest measurement. If we compare this OrganicBite ghee with other ghee brands, it will come in the market’s best organic desi cow ghee list.

This OrganicBite ghee is 100% handmade ghee made by Bilona Curd hand Method. They have 15-acre cow farming land where all the A2 Gir cows live and eat grass. At first, the A2 milk collects from these cows, then curd by using microbe cultivation. After that, they follow the Ayurveda method and churn the curd with the help of the bilona method. After completing the whole process, the OrganicBite Desi A2 Gir cow ghee comes, storing the ghee in a cold place.

After that they put this A2 Gir ghee in a strong container, so that all the customer will get original factory made ghee. That’s why we are suggesting you to buy this OrganicBite ghee and we are 100% sure you will never be disappointed with this products.

3) Vanalaya Organic A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee 2021- वनालय ऑर्गेनिक ए2 देसी गिर गाय घी:

Vanalaya Organic A2 Desi pure Gir Cow ghee

Vanalaya Organic Cow A2 Gir Cultured Ghee(घी) is gluten-free. It is easy to digest & safe to eat for most unhealthy people with casein or lactose sensitivities. This Vanalaya Organic A2 best Cow ghee is derived from the cow that breeds high Gir.

This Gir breed cow is known for the highest producing A2 milk among all the Indians cow. Unlike other regular milk, A2 brand milk contains a high A2 protein, healthier and safer than all A1 protein. Due to its protein ingredient, many people suggest using this organic ghee for babies. Not only for babies but many old age people also love to eat this best Vanalaya organic cow ghee. If you want a better suggestion, then you should buy this ऑर्गेनिक ए2 देसी गाय घी. It is healthy and mostly chemical-free.

But one thing, we should tell you. Check twice the expiry date of this ghee if you are going to buy it for your baby.

2) Sri-Sri Tattva Cow’s Pure Ghee:

Sri Sri Tattva Cow's Pure Ghee

SRI SRI TATTVA brand Ghee is sacred & a traditional sign of auspiciousness, good health. It is pure, tasty and can be used in our daily life. This organic ghee comes from mountain grass-fed cow. Like other mentioned desi cow ghee, it is not A2 ghee. But this ghee is 100% pure, and this product is assured by “Amazon’s Choice”.

That’s why we recommend this SRI SRI TATTVA ghee to buy at reasonable price.

1)”Our Organik Tree” Brand Cow Ghee:

This veg ghee is new in the market. But if some talk about the quality and best organic product, I suggest going for this ghee.

This “Our Organik Tree ghee” is available in a few flavors that you may not taste before. In this package, this desi ghee comes with wheat, peanuts, Soya, tree nuts, etc. Though this organic cow ghee is new on Amazon, I would suggest this ghee this winter.

Right now, all these branded cow ghee available on website.


Which Cow Ghee Is Pure In The Indian Market?

It is very tough to tell any particular ghee brand name as the purest ghee. It totally depends on your need. Here we discuss some of the best Indian branded ghee that may help you to choose the best quality ghee for your health.

Is Amul Ghee Pure Cow Ghee?

Amul cow ghee is rich cow ghee of granular texture and aroma. Also, it is a good source of Vit A, E, D, and K. But when we talk about the adulteration ratio, this ghee comes under the risk level. So, we do not recommend this Amul ghee as a pure one.

That’s all about the best desi cow ghee brands in India in the current 2021 year.