Best Dry Fruits For Weight Loss In India 2021.

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In India, dry fruits is a hugely demanding food that many people eat in their daily life. The benefits of all type of dried fruits for our health is unspeakable. But you need to take a good amount of dry fruits for good health and proper weight loss. The question is, which dry fruits should you take. That’s why we are here with a list of the best dry fruits for weight loss in India 2021.

Here we gather all the benefits and which dry fruits are best for you and the online buying option with the best price. Before jumping on this list, you may want to know why dry fruits are needed for our health.

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Is Eating Dry Fruits Good For Lossing Weight? & Why It Is Needed For Our Health?

I know the question is a little crazy for you. You might already know why dried fruits and nuts are so needy for weight loss instead of eating snacks daily. Maximum dried fruits are full of natural nutrition that is very needed for our body. But do you know, hundreds of dried fruits are available in the market that might not help you lose bodyweight.

It would be best to take Almonds, walnuts, cashews, Hazelnuts, Brazil, Nuts, Prunes, Pistachios, etc. All these fruits are high nutrient food compare to any other foods.

Best Dry Fruits For Weight Loss In India 2021:

Here we listed all the best-dried fruits that help you to lose and dramatically control weight.

1) Almonds: In the dried fruits, almonds are one of the highest nutrients you can eat daily. It contains a meager amount of calories(You only get 580 Kcals in 100 gm of natural almond). Also, almonds are high rich in anti-oxidants, proteins, etc. To control the sugar and cholesterol level, you should eat good quality almonds every day after a meal.

If you can take our word, I suggest eating Indian Mamra Almonds or mixed nuts containing a maximum amount of almonds.

2) Walnuts: Walnuts is another type of dried fruits that contain a certain amount of fats such as alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fat. It is a unique type of dry fruit that contains so many natural ingredients.

This omega-3 fatty acid of walnut helps to control the fat when you take it regularly. Especially for old age people, organic quality walnut is a must eating fruit.

3) Cashews: Among all the dried nuts, cashews are the most delicious nut in India. It is full of magnesium. In the cashews, you will get around 74% magnesium that is enough for our health. For this magnesium property, it is beneficial for weight loss.

Body fat can be regulated very carefully when you eat the cashews daily after food.

4) Prunes: Prune is a type of dry fruit that is not getting popular yet. It is also called dried plums. In the market, there are different brands of prunes available. But all are not good quality prunes. You can buy our Rostaa Gourmet Prunes, a delicious quality prune and easily available on Amazon.

Prune is a good snack for daily intake. In the normal 100 gm of prunes, you will get 240 Kcal, which is perfect compare to other good quality dried fruits that work perfectly for weight loss.

5) Brazil Nuts: You may don’t heard about the Brazil Nuts that are very rare in the market. But it has many ingredients that may help to reduce body weight in a few weeks. You may not hear about the L-arginine (amino acid). This natural acid is present in Brazilian Nuts, which helping to burn our belly fats. Also, this acid increases the body’s metabolism that prevents the rapid increase in unhealthy fats.

Many natural ingredients are present in the real organic Brazil nut like magnesium, thiamine, selenium, and phosphorus.

6) Raisins: There are many Indian are following the low salt dried fruits because of their high BP disease. For those people, raisins are one of the best options. In 100 gms of raisins, you will get 299 Kcal and 0.6 gms fat, which is the highest among all the dried fruits list. If you want, you can take these fruits as snacks that added so much to Iodine.

These are the best dry fruits and nuts list ever for weight loss. We are 100% sure that if a diet maintaining person can eat one of these dried fruits for weight loss, you can see the result very soon.

Now the question is, what is the best time to take dry fruits for reducing body weight. This question is prevalent and normal for all diet planing people.

How To Take Dry Fruits For Weight Loss?

After reading the previous section of the article, you can understand which dry fruit is the best for weight loss in India 2021. But you may not know the perfect way to consume these dried nuts for the best result.

  • You can make a milkshake with almonds. This can be more delicious than eating raw almonds. It contains low fatty ingredients with other minerals, which is very healthy for us.
  •  The best time to take any dried fruits in the morning and after a meal daily. You should maintain the time daily. Then it will prevent your body to increase the fat.
  • You can make protein food with a coating of dry fruit powder.

These are the alternative process to eat any dry fruits for our regular life.


As you can see, in this article, we discussed the best dry fruits of the market that helps to lose bodyweight. You may know, weight is one of the key factors for our health. That’s why you should take care of your health and weight.

In this article, we discussed how dry fruits could help maintain body weight. Also discussed how you can take these dried fruits and nuts for the best result in your body. We hope you already choose the best-dried fruits from our best dry fruits list of weight loss in 2021. If you have any doubt regarding any of our given information, please comment below. We will be happy to reply to you.