Best Organic Honey Brands In India 2021.

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Are you looking to buy the best organic Honey brands in India in 2021? We know you are searching for the बेस्ट ऑर्गेनिक हनी ब्रांड्स in Indian Market or in the internet. That’s why you are here with the best solution of your question.

Finding pure honey in the online market isn’t an easy task for everyone. If you search on the internet, you can find many brands of honey available. From these branded honey, 90% are inorganic products. And the funny things are you can’t judge these products before using these. Then you might be disappointed with that honey brand.

But here we come with good quality raw honey brands that many users have already purchased. Today we listed some of India’s best honey brands that you can buy without any hesitation. Before that, we suggest you know the pure elements in our organic Honey product.

This Natural ऑर्गेनिक हनी is the best organic honey that directly comes from Honeycomb or a human-made beehive. This honeycomb is full of bumblebees, which are the primary source of the honey collector.

Our raw honey directly comes from these natural honeycombs that are 100% pure. And all the below-listed organic honey brands use these kinds of हनी on their jar.

best organic honey brands in india

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Best Organic Honey Brands In India 2021: बेस्ट ऑर्गेनिक हनी ब्रांड्स २०२१

If you search the Indian market, you can see there are thousands of brands selling raw honey. Unfortunately, 90% of these brands sell mixed honey and tell their customers that it is the बेस्ट ऑर्गेनिक हनी and entirely natural. But the reality is not like that.

That’s why today, we come with some of the best organic honey brands in India that you can trust and use in your regular life.

3) Bharat Brand Raw Honey:

Bharat Honey is one of the best pure organic honey, which is now available online in the Indian Market. This natural honey is a vegetarian product that everyone wants to buy online. It is because it is easy to buy and instant delivery by Amazon.

Apart from that, this Bharat raw honey brand always maintains their ingredient. As per their customers, many users regularly use this raw organic Bharat Honey.

If you don’t know the process of how they make their honey, we will explain briefly. This commercial Bharat Honey is made by heating at a very high temperature and then ultra-filtered process. When we process through heavy compression, then the real raw micronutrients and natural aroma of honey come.

Apart from that, they are not like other companies. They collect pure honey from the deep forest area, free from pollution and far away from the average human hand’s reach.

pure Bharat honey in India

If you are new and going to buy this भरत हनी, we want to tell you that this Bharat Honey is light amber with a real natural taste. Their product ingredient claims that their honey is the best Organic product and fully healthy for the human body.

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Our raw Bharat honey is a Vegetarian product that comes with 1 kg weight(1 quantity).
  • No, Expire Date: Because it is entirely Natural and processed further in a natural way.
  • Product Ingredient: Natural Forest Honey.
  • Storage: Don’t store in a Refrigerator.
Product Specialty Non-sugar Organic.
Product Weight 998 Grams.
Origin Country India.
Type of Ingredient 100% Vegetarian.

Though you read all the details, people still thinking that Is Bharat Honey best for their health.

After getting a top-class positive review from our customer, we listed this honey, telling us that this honey is suitable for our health.

2) INDIGENOUS Honey – Best Raw Indian Organic Honey Brands: 

Indigenous Pure Honey is a pure ayurvedic organic honey that readily available in India.

If you search on the Internet, you can see thousands of people search for the best original Ayurvedic honey. That’s why we come with the best Ayurvedic raw honey for you.

Indigenous honey is a vegetarian product that makes from human-designed wooden boxes called honey beehives. These boxes are designed fully scientifically. So, that all honey bees can build their nest naturally. All the processed honeybees collect natural healthy honey from flowers. According to their official information, this type of ऑर्गेनिक हनी comes with enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, pollen, and other natural minerals.

indigenous organic honey India

They also guarantee that no other unnatural material(Like corn sugar, cane sugar, etc.) is mixed with their raw honey. This Indigenous honey is 100% natural and pure honey. It’s fresh, unpasteurized,  unprocessed, unfiltered honey that boosts the human immune system by 1.2 times.

Apart from that, this honey brand has some extra power compared to other honey brands. Like: the skin’s beauty, gastrointestinal tract treatment, best Immunity Booster, improve weak Digestive system, Weight Loss, Cough, recover sunburn issue, and many more.

That’s why we treated this Indigenous honey as the top honey brand in India. If you see their delivery tracking, you can realize how they popular and why we listed this honey brand in our article.

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Product Specialty Pure Organic raw honey, No Artificial Flavour Added, No Added Sugar
Item Weight 499.2 Grams
Origin India
Product Ingredient 100% Vegetarian
Item Quantity In the package 1 (One)
Item Certification: FSSAI, APEDA
Manufactured By Primitive Corporation
Product Model Best Raw Organic Indian Honey
Units: 500 Gram
Item Weight 499 g
Product Dimensions 19.2 x 14.1 x 13.5 cm
Ingredients: Organic Honey, Raw Honey.

1) First Bud Organics Pahadi Honey – बेस्ट ऑर्गेनिक हनी ब्रांड्:

Like other organic honey brands, this ‘First Bud Organics Phadi Honey’ is one of India’s best Organic farm Honey brands. It is vegetarian and unpasteurized honey that directly come from high altitude villages, forest area.

First Bud Organics honey in india

This First Bud Organics Phadi Honey claims that this spoonful honey comes with a finger-licking test. This honey is free from all artificial pesticides and sweeteners, chemicals, antibodies, etc.

This PAhadi honey comes from highly coveted Apis CerenaIndica honeybee; those are healthy honey bee compare to other forest bees.

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This Honey contains the highest number of antioxidants compared to other Indian honey. When we consumed this First Bud Organics Phadi Honey daily, then it will be beneficial for boosting immunity power in the long run.

The First Bud Organics Phadi Honey contains several Hugh antioxidants, which include phenolic compounds like flavonoids and manymore.

When we applied to the skin, this Pahadi honey can be an effective solution for wounds and burns. The unique thing about this honey is, it  Nourishes your body skins in the long run.


Fully Home Remedy

For one-year-old children, natural honey work like a safe cough suppressant. Some of the in-depth studies show that this Pahadi honey is more effective than other honey products of this market.

Pure Energy Drink

Natural ऑर्गेनिक हनी(Honey) is known as a real source of original human body energy.  If you didn’t take this honey before, try once. Then you can feel how fast your power will increase after taking this बेस्ट ऑर्गेनिक हनी as an energy drink.

Provides Healthy & Quick Energy

For a longer endurance, the exerciser needs this Pahadi honey. It is because of its instant energy providing power.

They offer their customers all the honey with 100% organic products at their door-step. First, Bud Organics processes their honey in a four-step to maintain their product at the best level.

Technical Details Of This Pahadi Organic Honey Brand:

Cuisine Indian
The specialty of this product No Preservatives, Organic, No Artificial Flavour.
Product Weight 499.2 Grams
Item Origin: India
Type of Ingredient: 100% Vegetarian
Brand Name: ‘First Bud Organics’
Manufactured By ‘FirstBud Organics’
Item number Organic Pahadi Honey-003
Dimensions Of the Product 12.3 x 6.9 x 7.1 cm
Item Ingredients: Multi flower Honey

This honey brand is one of the favorite honey brands. The most amazing thing about this honey brand is its jar. It looks really awesome and looks like it is packaging on the home, and the test is totally natural. For all these features, we think this Pahadi Organic Honey is the best organic raw honey brand in India in 2021.


So, what do you think? You may found your solution regarding the best organic honey 2021 for your regular use. This all-natural honey is the Best Organic Honey Brands in India. All the above-listed ऑर्गेनिक हनी ब्रांड्स is good, pure, and raw. If you need any of this honey, click on the buy button and purchase it at a reasonable price.