Best A2 Cow Desi Ghee from Organic Grass-Fed Cow’s Milk in India.

A2 Desi Cow Ghee is the best Vegetarian product from grass-fed cows. This A2 ghee produced from Akiva. It is pure and best in India.
  • 1. This Akiva’s Indian ghee is made from hand-churned from grass-fed Sahiwal Cows milk partner dairy firms. All the cows of this farm are allowed to free graze & feed their quality calves. We use only the excess milk to make our pure a2 ghee.
  • 2. The premium A2 milk from the best Sahiwal cow’s is first turned into curd by using an exclusive microbe culture technology. After that, we hand-churn and the curd for hours to separate the butter before boiling al this ghee to turn into your special best A2 Cow ghee.
  • If we talk about ration, our 32 liters of milk make 3.1 KG Ghee that makes our A2 Ghee best and pure. Our Akiva’s ghee doesn’t contain any additives, added colors, and preservatives.
  • 4. Everyone can use our best quality a2 farm cow ghee, including those on paleo diets and keto. Its full-bodied aroma and flavor make testy and best A2 Ghee ever.
  • 5. Akiva has two more flavors (Vanilla Ghee and Garlic & Herbs Ghee) that make this A2 Cow Ghee pure and best.

A2 Cow Desi Ghee in India is the best organic product from the grass-fed cow milk. The popularity of this A2 Cow Ghee is much more than any other marketing ghee like Talegaon farm Cow Ghee.

Product Information Of A2 Cow Desi Ghee:

Technical Details:
SpecialtyOrganic & Natural
Origin CountryIndia
Type of IngredientVegetarian
Package Quantity1
BrandAkiva Superfoods
Name Of ManufacturerAkiva

Additional Info Of Our Best A2 Cow farm Ghee In India:

ASIN CodeB07 SD 5SD 4X
Customer Reviews4.2 out of 5 stars204 reviews
Amazon seller Ranking#195 in Grocery & Gourmet Foods.

  • #11in Ghee
  • #3in Grocery

Product Description Of A2 Cow Indian Farm Ghee:


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