Best Coffee For Diabetes In India 2020.

This Pro360 is an excellent high-quality coffee in India.

  • This Pro360 Diabetic protein powder consists of all type of natural ingredients that our body require to control the blood sugar problems.
  • The Tri-protein formula for this coffee, rich in fiber, and mineral, and few vitamins, gives a healthy dose for the human body.
  • In this tri-protein formula, it consists of all soy protein, whey protein, and skimmed milk powder, which all combined makes this coffee drink a rice ideal protein-rich drink.
  • Also, this coffee drink contains high rich values of DHA and a type of omega-3 fat that helpful for controlling heart disease.
  • It has a low glycemic index, which is very important to control the pressure for high BP patients.
  • Storage For tHis Coffee: You have to store the coffee container in a familiar cool, dry place that must away from day heat, moisture, and light.
  • You have to ensure that the lid of the container is tightly closed after every use. Whenever you open the box, you must use it for at least 15 days, and always try to use a dry spoon for better result.
  • The Weight of this Pro360 coffee is 500 gm, and the main package contains a nutrition health drink for one diabetic adult.

Best Coffee For Diabetes In India 2020: We all know diabetes is a harmful disease. Those people having this disease can’t comfortably feed all the foods. They are having the same issue with drinking coffee. That’s why we are here with the best coffee for diabetes people In Indian.

We are not saying that it is the only product available for diabetes patients. But we can tell you one thing; it is one of the best coffee that every diabetes people can drink, and there is no harmful ingredient present on it.

Best Coffee For Diabetes In India – Pro360 Product:

  • Dimensions Of the Package: 14.8 x 11.2 x 13 cm, 651 gm.
  • Product Manufacturer: GMN_HEALTHCARE_PVT Limited
  • Item number: 9806507108374
  • Country Origin: In India
  • Weight Of the product: 650 gm.

best coffee for diabetes in India

Why You Drink this Coffee though you have Diabetes?

If you are a coffee lover and having this diabetes problem, then you can consult with your doctor and show this Pro360 coffee. I am sure your doctor will recommend our best organic coffee for you.

Product Ingredients On this Pro360:

Whey protein concentrate with the skimmed Milk powder, cocoa powder, soy protein isolate, minerals, and maltodextrin, and vitamins.

Description Of This Best Raw Coffee For

You have read our whole article and know why this coffee is the best one for the diabetes people.
Our coffee comes with an excellent flavor named as roasted coffee that makes this coffee tasty to consume by all. We all know, for all diabetes patients, we need a calculated amount of sugar that is not available equally on every drink or food. Our natural organic coffee has all these types of ingredient that is not found in every drink.
Our Pro360 diabetic protein drink contains all the healthy doses of calcium, methylcobalamin, and natural DHA that come with a healthy shake for diabetic patients.
This Packed is full of the goodness of milk protein, whey protein, soy protein isolate.