Best Desi Ayurveda Cow Ghee India 2020.

  • This Indian Ayurveda Desi Grass-Fed Cow Ghee Is Made From The Natural Cow Milk Of Grass-Fed.
  • All The Cows Are Healthy & Natural Grass-fed.
  • Our Best Amrutam Desi Ayurveda Cow Ghee Has High Nutritional Value, & Rich Aroma.
  • This Amrutam Cow Desi Ghee Is Made In an Advance Hygienic process that is totally pure and 100% natural.
  • This Indian Buttery Delight Ghee Contains Zero impurities, Zero Chemical, and Zero Artificial Additives.
  • Apart from that, our Naturally Rich ghee is full of Vitamins A, K, and E, CLA, Omega-3, & Butyric Acid.

Ayurvedic Friendly desi cow ghee is demanding ghee in the market. All of we know, those ghee builds in a home has a 99% chance to become pure and natural. Our Desi Ayurveda ghee is a similar type of cow ghee which contains 100% natural ingredients and fully Aurvevic friendly. But if you come online and search for the best desi Ayurveda Cow Ghee India, you will get tons of products. Then it will be a difficult one to choose the perfect product.

That’s why we are here with our best chosen Ayurvedic desi cow ghee of India (Amrutam Cow Desi-Ghee). This Amrutam desi ghee is already used by our other audiences and gives a very positive response. That’s why we listed this product here.

This 100% natural Amrutam cow ghee contains all types of natural pure ghee ingredients like our previously mentioned Talegoan Cow Ghee. Now without taking too much time, we will jump to the product description part.

Amrutam desi Ayurvedic cow ghee

Amrutam – Best Desi Ayurveda Cow Ghee India – Product Description:

In the Amazon, this Amritam desi Ayurvedic ghee comes in two small contains if you purchase only 1-liter ghee. That means 2 container contains 500ml 2 pack(500 ml * Pack of 2).
According to their official website update, if you want more frequent information regarding this Amrutam desi cow ghee product, you can follow their Instagram as well as a Facebook page.

Product Name: Amrutam Cow Desi-Ghee. And it is Grass-Fed Ayurvedic Friendly Ghee that contains High Nutritional Value.
Product Ingredients: Comes From 100% Pure Natural Grass-fed Cows Milk.

From The Manufacturer:

Authentic A Pure Desi Cow Ghee is made from original desi cow milk which is totally untouched by any human hands which comes from healthy grass-fed desi hybrid cow.

  1. This Ayurveda Ghee has a typical rich aroma and made on home ghee with high nutritional value.
  2. The manufacturer guy has a dare the approval of APEDA.
  3. This Amruthum Ghee is an ISO22000-2005 product that takes the trust of all  Foody Dairy Farm.
  4. It composed of 100% natural grass-fed healthy cow milk.
  5. Our Ayurvedic ghee is free of gluten, lactose, and Sugar. That means any diabetes patient can easily take this ghee that really helpful for the human body’s skin.
  6. This Indian Ayurveda ghee doesn’t contain any chemical, no artificial elements, no other unwanted things.
  7. Our ghee produce cows who don’t any eat any pesticide grass & herbicide pastures give this natural Indian Ayurveda Friendly Ghee.
  8. If you want to cook any food with our ghee, you might be going to make a tasty dish. This ghee easily spread like our other Ghee(Desi A2 Cow Ghee).
  9. This natural Ayurveda ghee is full of CLA, pure vitamins, Butyric Acid, and Omega-3 components.
  10. Our Amrutam ghee can be liquified easily during the shipping. It happens only because we put pure natural ghee in the box. But if you want, you can re-solidify within a few hours with your refrigerator process.

Product Main Ingredients:

Our desi Ayurvedic ghee contains 100% Natural ingredients. It comes from pure Grass-fed Cows Milk. This Ghee is lactose-free clarified butter also intake by lactose-intolerant people that might be helpful for allergy patients.

Ayurvedic Desi Ghee Product Info.:

Size of packet 1 Litre.

Technical Details Of This Indian Ayurveda Desi Ghee:

Specialty Gluten-Free, No Added Salt, Lactose-Free, No Preservatives.
Type Of Ingredient Purely Vegetarian
Brand Name Amrutam Pure Desi Ayurveda Ghee.
Product Certification ISO22000-2005 Ghee. FSSAI Lic No. 10787005010176, Made in Green India.
Manufacturer In India Amrutam
Item part number AG_amrutam_ghee
Packet Item Weight 1.21 Kg
Our Package Dimensions 24.8 x 14.1 x 15.2 cm
Ingredients: Pure Desi Grass-fed Cows Milk, Ghee is lactose-free clarified butter, 100% Natural Pure Shudh Cow Desi Ghee.

Additional Information Of This Ayurdeva Cow Ghee:

ASIN No. T0845CVJH27
Our Customer Reviews 4.1 Out Of 5.0(Total 71 Customer Ratings).
Rank Of Our Sellers #10,471 in Grocery & Gourmet Foods.