California Exotes Almonds India 2020 Available In Royal Vacuum Pack.

California Exotes Almonds is a Vegetarian product which is very helpful for the human body.

  • California Natural almonds packed in vacuum to maintain the best naturalness on this almond.
  • Rich with nutrients in this almond especially magnesium which helps to maintain good heart health, & curb down hypertension,
  • Very helpful for skin, massaging your skin with almond oil that gives a healthy natural glow,
  • These California Exotes Almonds deliver a massive amount of nutrients,
  • It loaded with full antioxidants,
  • Eating almonds helps for lowering your overall calorie intake & reduces hunger,
  • It may also be effective for weight loss on a large scale.
  • These Exotes California Almonds contain lots of protein, healthy fats, vitamin E, fiber, and magnesium,
  • It also helps to prevent harmful oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

Product Information Of California Exotes Almonds India:

Technical Details

Product SpecialtyNo Preservatives, No Artificial Flavour
Product Weight997 Grams
Country of OriginAs
Ingredient TypeVegetarian
Brand NameEXOTES
Storage InstructionsProduct Keep In Cool Dry Place
Item Package Quantity1(One)
Package Info.Pouch
Product ManufacturerEXOTES
Item numberex-alrm-100R
Dimensions Of The Package29.5 x 27 x 5.8 cm
Additional Information
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Date First Available1 January 2020

Important Information Of California Exotes Almonds India 2020:

Legal Disclaimer:

While we work on these California Exotes, Almonds’ product information is correct. On occasion, manufacturers have a chance to alter their ingredient lists as per their requirements.

Actual Exotes Almonds packaging and its mixer materials may contain more ingredients like our Happilo Deluxe Kashmiri Walnut or different information than that clearly shown on our Grofoods website.

We recommend that you do not rely on the information given on the product body. In the label, many manufacturers printed some mixer equipment that must be known to the buyer.

We suggest you for more additional information about these Exotes California Almond 2020 products; please contact the real manufacturer.

Exotes Almond

Product Description Of This California 2020 Almonds:

California Almonds are among the world’s most popular tree nuts that are available on the market.

These Exotes India Almonds are highly nutritious, minerals, antioxidants, and rich in healthy fats, vitamins. Also, these California Almonds contain lots of vitamin E, healthy fats, magnesium, fiber, protein.

The health benefits of our California Royal Vacuum Packed Exotes almonds include reduced blood pressure, lower blood sugar levels, and lower cholesterol levels.

These almonds can also promote weight loss and reduce hunger like Rostaa Gourmet Prunes product that we have already stored in the GroFoods Store.