Happilo Deluxe Kashmiri Walnut 100% Natural 2021 Kernels.

  1. This Happilo Kashmiri Walnut is 100% Natural nuts. It is suitable for an active human body.
  2. It contains low sodium and Low-calorie that is ideal for bodyweight control.
  3. This Happilo Deluxe Kashmiri Walnut keeps your body diseases free. It is because it is full of high antioxidants and helps to slow the aging process.
  4. It reduces the significant risk of heart disease, stroke, high BP, cancer, diabetes, and obesity.
  5. It improves immunity and controls mental health.
  6. This Kashmiri walnut is the best friend of the heart that improves the lowers bad cholesterol and the cardiovascular system.
  7. The rich source of iron, potassium, and essential omega-3 makes this Happilo deluxe walnut.

Kashmiri walnuts are a special type of food that contains twice the amount of protein and antioxidant than other similar types of food like Almonds, peanut etc. Happilo Deluxe Kasjmiri Walnut is the best brand that produce the kashmiri walnut with all natural ingredients.

The Happilo Walnuts brand works on their products to give better quality walnut to us. We are not telling directly to buy this walnut, we are telling you to see the review and features of this Happilo kashmiri walnut. We are sure if you know, all the benefits of taking this Happilo walnuts, you will definitely but this walnut for regular uses.

Happilo Deluxe Kashmiri Walnut 100% Natural Kernels 2021 Product Info.:

Product Specialty Suitable for Vegetarians, No Artificial Flavour.
Product Weight 997 Grams.
Country of Origin In INDIA.
Happilo Kashmiri Walnut Product Ingredient Type Fully Vegetarian.
Brand Name Happilo Brand.
Storage Instructions Must store in a Dry and cool Place, or Refrigerate for a longer period.
Item Quantity 1(One).
Manufacturer Satvikk International
Allegan Infor. Natural Tree Nuts

Additional Information

Customers Review 3.9 out of 5 stars   87 customer reviews
Bestsellers Rank #32,584 in Grocery & Gourmet Foods

Happilo Walnuts Product Description:

This Happilo Kashmiri walnut comes with max. 5 pack and available on different size of package.

The people of Happilo walnut maker have traveled the world to collect the most beautiful & delicious gourmet dry fruits, nuts, dried fruits, berries which are 100% natural. Indulge into the gourmet and grocery world of the Happilo Deluxe walnut with high natural nuts and best quality dry fruits along with all unique dry fruit mixes, fusions, and flavored dry fruits.

Kashmiri Happilo walnut contains healthy seeds dried berries and specially crafted taste and health control.

As we know, Happilo walnut comes with different occassional dry fruit gift boxes, nuts gift pack, and festive dry fruits pack on Amazon and other online food store. It brings health, happiness, and love to gift to your friends, colleagues, and family.

This Kashmiri walnuts bring the tasty health walnut together in a unique single,, most elegant package.

All the Happilo Deluxe packages are available on Amazon certified by FSSAI and iso. Here all the Happilo pack is utterly packed with dry fruits for every festive occasion. That’s why here we can come with the best Kashmiri Happilo Walnut in 2021.

Extra Information Of This Kashmiri Happilo Walnut:Happilo Deluxe Kashmiri Natural Walnut Kernels

Our Happilo Deluxe 2021 India product range includes dates like Omani dates, Kalmi dates, Kimia dates, Medjoul dates. It also contains exotic nuts and berries like exotic brazil nuts, dried goji berries, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, pine nut kernels, pecan nut kernels. Thats why this walnut is the highest source of energy for human.

The exotic brazil nuts are roasted Californian almonds flavors like peri-peri, magic masala, salted, etc. The roasted jumbo flavors like lightly salted cashews, chilly green cashews, paneer tikka cashews, and sunflower seeds are included with this Happilo product.

Happilo premium international products are a perfect combination of dried whole blueberry cranberry super mix, party mix – lightly salted, super mix berries, Happilo seeds, and grains, 100% natural Californian almonds, heart-healthy mix, nuts and beans, Happilo healthy nut mix, omega seed mix (roasted sunflower, pumpkin, and flax seeds), Happilo cranberries lovers mix, trail mix,  jumbo mambo almonds, etc.

All of the above mixers and combinations make this Happilo natural Kashmiri Walnut best and purest in the Indian market. If you want to keep your body fit, we recommend ingbuyingbuying this Happilo Kashmiri Walnut from here.

These no shell raw walnut halves are mainly grown in California and northern India.  Eating raw walnut is one of the most natural things to do to improve your health.

The Ingredients of Happilo Walnut Kernels:

This kashmiri Happilo walnuts is mixer source of different type of nuts and few more organic ingredients. Also, they tested twice before packing.

All of its organic ingredients helps to control the blood pressure, cholesterol level, bodyweight, and boost the energy instantly.

There are few indian consume this Happilo Deluxe Kashmiri walnut daily with cooking dishes. This is a awesome happit to take care your health.

It contains no GMO, high protein, zero cholesterol, dietary fiber, zero trans fat, no gluten, 100 percent natural nuts.