Talegaon Farm Cows Ghee 500ml – Pure Homemade Vegetarian Ghee.

Talegaon Farm Cows Ghee 500ml is a Vegetarian product.
  • We have made using milk from free-ranging cows. The taste, the purity, and the aroma will surely remind you of when granny used to make the ghee at home. We work with small farmers and encourage them to practice Mukta Gotha (cows are allowed to graze freely).
  • We make our ghee using superior quality cow’s milk using a homemade method of culturing the cream to give you the perfect homemade ghee of the highest quality.
  • No of Units Sold in Pack: 1(One)
  • Total Weight Of this Talegaon Farm Ghee: 500 ml (455 Grams)
  • Product Features: Sugar-free, Gluten-free, natural, homemade, no preservative, no additives.
  • Storage Instructions: Store in a cold & dark place, do not expose to direct sunlight, tighten the lid after every use.

Talegaon Farm Cows Ghee is one of the purest vegetarian cow ghee from Talegaon farm. In the Indian market, the demand for this Talégaon Farms ghee is much more compared to other branded ghee.

The Talegaon Farm company says they always try to give the quality products in the very container. All the products are tested twice before packaging.

The Talegaon farm started its business in 2017. Initially, they supply their ghee in the local area, but now they listed their ghee on Amazon and started selling the Talegaon farm Cow Ghee online.

If you search on Amazon, you will get only one product from Talegaon farm. But they have a total of 16 different types of products which only available on their official website.

For the Paneer Butter Masala and Ghee Roast Dosa lover, this organic cow ghee will be helpful. It is because this Talegaon farm Cow Ghee 2021 is free of preservative and additive.

Talegaon Farm Cow Ghee

Talegaon Farm Cows Ghee 500ml 2021 Important Information:

While we work to ensure that this Talegaon Farm Cow Ghee 2021 product is pure and supply the quality ghee for their customer. All the information given in the package is correct.

There are no chemical and extra harmful things added. No extra sugar is added to this Talegaon Ghee.

Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and different than shown on our website. But, surely, there is no harmful chemical and ingredient added to this ghee.

We recommend that you not solely rely on the information presented and always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product.

For additional information about this Talegaon product, please contact the manufacturer or visit their official website.

This product disclaimer is entirely dependant on the production house. We can’t change its internal contains and quality of this Talegaon Cow Ghee 500ml.

Product Description Of Homemade Talegaon Ghee:

This Talegaon Farm Cow’s Ghee 500ml made using superior quality of cows’ milk. The purity, taste, and aroma will not be comparable with any other Indian market ghee.

It is pure homemade ghee, which can make butter panner and desi dosa ghee dishes.

According to the Talegaon farms, they work hard with small cowherd and encourage them to practice Mukta Gotha (cows are allowed to graze freely).

In the Mukta Gonta, everything is discussed in details about cow farming. And now every cowherd of Talegaon Farms is too much educated so that all of them know how they produce more and more milk from their cows for making the best quality organic homemade Talegaon cow ghee.

Talegaon Farms’ farmers say that they make their Talegaon farm ghee from superior quality cows’ and follow the homemade method of culturing the cream to give you the pure ghee of the highest handmade quality. That’s why the review of Talegaon Cow Ghee is more positive compare to other cow ghee brand.

Why You Choose Talegaon Farm Ghee Product?

This desi ghee is made from the traditional method. The process of making this ghee is totally based on homemade. After making this Talegaon Ghee, it is tested in NABL approved labs where all the ghee parameters are calculated and labelled on the container.

According to the lab’s statement, this ghee is additives and preservatives free.

The Talegaon farm always works with the farmers for the better production of milk. Mainly, all the cows are naturally grass-fed. For all these reasons, we recommended buying this Talegaon Farm Ghee.

What are you thinking? Wait, all the ingredient features and review of Talegaon ghee is already available on the Internet. There you can see, this pure cow ghee already gets over 4.5+ rating out of 5.0.

So, if you want pure cow ghee from a genuine production farm, it is the best ghee production farms. Right now, this ghee available on Amazon at a cheap rate. Grab this product at a reasonable price.

You can see thousands of cow ghee available on the market, but all are not pure vegetarian. Still, this Talegaon pure Ghee of 500ml always maintains its quality and quantity.

They always make products only for their customer.


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