Walnuts vs Almonds: Which Is Healthier Dry Food in India?

Do you know which is healthier dry food between walnuts and almonds? There are many things we need to compare if we want to know the healthier food. Walnuts and almonds are both healthy nuts that full of natural minerals, vitamins.

We can’t figure out healthier food without proper comparison. The nutritional level of these two nuts can be decided which is the better, healthier dry fruit in India 2021.

Walnuts vs Almonds Dry Food in India

Walnuts vs Almonds: Which Is Healthier Dry Food in India?

Almonds and walnuts are both full of nutrition. But there is a simple difference between that you can see by checking the below table.

Fat15 Grams18.5 Grams
Fiber3 Grams2 Grams
Protein6 Grams4.3Grams
Vitamin E45% of DV1.3% of the Daily Value
Carbs6 Grams4 Grams
Magnesium19% of DV11% of DV
Phosphorus11% of DV8% of DV
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If you look at the table, you will find only Fat, and calories are the two high walnuts metrics. Except that all the ingredients are high in the almonds.

When we talk about alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), omega-3 fatty acids are higher in walnuts. These two things can increase the health of the brain and heart.

Now we will compare the natural walnuts and almonds for different body needs.

Comparison Between Almonds And Walnuts:

Both the walnuts and almonds are high nutri-dense food, but the effect of these foods are different.

Best Blood Sugar Controller Nut:

For blood sugar control, almonds are in the lead. The reason is that organic almonds can help to reduce the speed of the empty stomach process.

Compare to almonds, walnuts have the same amount of fats, fiber, and protein. But the stomach process is slow. That’s why if you want to control the blood pressure in your body, then take almonds daily.

Apart from that there are many more things to compare to choose the better nut. We know, this is a short article, but if you want a nut for your health then you can choose almond.